The benefits of commercial solar


Reduce your energy bills

Investing in commercial solar panels can help reduce your business’ energy bill by up to 60%. For organisations with high energy usage, such as those in the manufacturing or food and beverage industries, you could be saving thousands each year. With these savings, you could invest it back into the business, hire more staff or reduce the cost of your products to be more competitive.

You can further compound your saving through energy storage and smart energy management. Imagine the benefits of storing the energy you generate and automatically using it when the cost of the grid electricity is high.

Improve the value of your building

If you own a commercial premises, then investing in solar panels can increase the value of your building. Like any major property improvements, an investment now can pay significant dividends when it comes time to sell. Not only will your premises have a competitive edge over similar properties, it will also improve the expected sale price.

Increase capacity

If your commercial premises is in a remote or rural area, then upgrading the supply capacity may not make financial sense. Additionally, accessing a consistent electricity supply can be problematic. In some cases, alternative energy sources like solar and battery can be a great option.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment

Over the last few years, the impacts of climate change have been laid bare. It’s an issue that we’re all facing and it now dominates political and social discussions. Investing in commercial solar not only demonstrates your business’ commitment to sustainability and the environment, it can also be a key point of difference over your competitors, impacting consumer buying decisions.


Ensure operational continuity

Power outages have become commonplace in major Australian cities over summer. It occurs when commercial and residential buildings draw down more power – to stay cool, for example – than is available. For businesses, this can have a massive impact; it can mean a significant loss in revenue from not only staff down time, but also product spoilage and many other issues. If you’re producing and controlling your own electricity, you can potentially avoid this issue and ensure operational continuity.

Energy independence

Had enough of dealing with electricity distributors and retailers, and want to have more control over their energy? Commercial solar and smart energy management are currently the best solution for it.


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